The documentation required for an international marriage differs from one nation to another. It is recommended that you verify with the foreign Consulate or Embassy of the country where you are planning on getting married.

The most basic documents required for UK citizens include:

Other documents required for getting married abroad as a UK citizen:

  • Evidence of Residence: You can be asked to show proof of where you live by using documents such as; council tax bills, health cards, or maybe a utility bill.

  • A Certificate of Death as well as a prior marriage certificate in case you’re a widower.

  • A certificate of adoption in case you were adopted.

  • An agreement letter from either a legal guardian or parent is required if you are under the minimum age.

  • A deed poll, in case you had your name changed.

Other than the CNI and others we have outlined above, the following documents, in their original forms, must be brought to your appointment:

One of the following will do to prove your residential address:

  • A utility bill in the last three months
  • A copy of your most recent 12-month mortgage statements
  • An agreement to rent a property at the time of writing
  • A letter from the landlord verifying your tenancy, containing your landlord’s address, name, and signature (dated within the past seven days).

You could also use a driver’s licence from the European Union, the European Economic Area, as well as Switzerland as evidence of UK address until 30 June 2021.

If your primary residence is located outside of the United Kingdom, you must provide a UK contact address in your application. For example, you may use the address of a friend, relative or partner.

If you have previously been in a civil partnership or married

One of the below documents must also be brought with you:

You must prove that your annulment, dissolution, or divorce was awarded outside of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands. The local registration office will charge you £50 to review your paperwork, whereas the General Registrar’s Office will charge you £75.

You should also be aware of the following:

UK Marriage Certificate Example

How to present your documents

Most countries demand that you present your documents in person, while others may require a third party, such as a wedding coordinator, to do that on your behalf.

Presenting documents for getting married after a divorce

Most countries stipulate that a certain period must have elapsed between divorce and new marriage.

For example, in Italy, a previously married woman must wait for three hundred days after either divorce, after becoming a widow, or after an annulment before remarrying. This also applies to Turkey.

Presenting medical reports

Before the wedding, some countries may mandate couples to undergo blood tests and a medical check-up.

Present return air ticket and proof of entry

Most nationalities may be required to provide a return flight ticket or evidence of entry to the countries they wish to get married in.

Requirements for giving your notice of marriage or civil partnership in the UK

A formal declaration must be signed at your local registration office if you plan to marry or enter a civil union. ‘Giving notice’ is the term used for this. A minimum of 29 days before the ceremony is required to give notice.

Where do you give notice?

You give notice at the local registrar’s office.

Typically, you must schedule an appointment to give notice, and you must have been a resident in the registration district for the past week.

If you and your partner reside in different registration districts, you will be required to submit notification independently. This need not be completed on the same day.

How much does it cost to give notice?

To give notice of a civil union or marriage in the UK, you must pay a fee as follows:

  • For a civil partnership or notice of marriage, the cost is £35 per individual.
  • For a civil partnership or notice of marriage for those subjected to immigration control, the cost is £47 per individual. (2)

Deposit and cancellations

A payment of £35.00 is required at the time of scheduling your appointment, and this money is non-transferable.

Deposits are credited towards payment of notice if you show up for your appointment. A credit/ debit card will be required to cover any unpaid debt at the time of service.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What if I don’t have a marriage visitor visa or family visa?

If you don’t have a marriage visitor visa or family visa, you may still provide notice of your desire to marry or enter a civil union. Still, the Home Office’s immigration officials will be informed.

The Home Office could:

  • Delay the civil partnership or marriage for up to 70 days if a prospective spouse inquires about you as well as your relationship.
  • Reject your desire to marry, which means you will not be able to marry or enter into a civil union in the UK.
UK marriage visitor visa or family visa image

What if I got married without documentation?

Suppose you were married outside of the UK and are unable to get the marriage certificate or have never been granted one for whatever reason. In that case, you could provide a signed affidavit or any other legal document proving your marital status.

When someone swears to speak the truth in writing, they are making a statement under oath, and that declaration is known as an affidavit.  In addition, you must also provide proof of your identification.

Notary publics are authorised to administer oaths. However, other competent officials may witness and sign the affidavit, including a solicitor, barrister, or court clerk.

A notary public, also known as a public notary or notary, is a person authorised by the government to witness signatures on legal documents, administer oaths, and collect sworn statements.

Your application evaluation will be delayed if you fail to supply any of the required proof.

What if one of you is from another country other than the UK?

If one of you is from another country other than the UK, then you as well as your partner should give notice jointly unless both or one of the following applies:

  • You are part of the status of settlement or pre-settlement under the European Union Settlement Scheme
  • You have an application you submitted to the European Union Settlement Scheme before June 30 2021, for which you are awaiting a judgement.

Together, you must submit your notification at a registration office in the area in which at least one of you resides.

If your partner provided separate notice before 1 Jul 2021, they would be required to give notice again along with you.

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