Most disclosure Scotland certificates will require a solicitor certification before an apostille service can be issued by an authorised official in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCDO) on UK documents.

What is a Scotland disclosure?

A Scotland disclosure is a document that contains a person’s impartial and confidential criminal information. Employers use this information to make safer recruitment decisions.

You can do a criminal record check by visiting the police or government departments.

A disclosure Scotland certificate with criminal record checks can include:

  • Details of your criminal record checks
  • Information on inclusion in either children’s or adults’ lists
  • Relevant information help by a government body or the police.
Disclosure Scotland Form Example
Disclosure Scotland Certificate of basic disclosure

How to apply for a basic disclosure Scotland apostille service

Your employer will have to make this application for you. They will also have the option of applying for the standard disclosure through a registered body.

After a clear check is complete in the UK, a certificate of the disclosure document and an apostille will be sent to you, your employer, or the body and country that made the application on your behalf outside the UK and Scotland.

Types of disclosure Scotland

There are three main types of disclosure certificates for criminal records. [1]

These are:

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Enhanced

Types and fees:

Type Fee
Basic £25
Standard £25
Enhanced £25
(PVG) scheme £18 or £59

What are the reasons for a DBS check?

As you apply for a Disclosure Scotland check, you can give reasons like a job application, airport security pass, voluntary work, etc.

Also, please note that this disclosure will be processed as per the Scottish rules. It can be used during the rehabilitation periods of a sentence with reference to the Rehabilitation of Offenders 1974. [2]

As you apply for your certificate, remember all disclosure Scotland documents need to be legalised with the apostille for international use.

Solicitor certification required

All disclosure Scotland documents need a solicitor certification before the apostille can be attached.

We offer solicitor certification services as part of our complete apostille service.

In addition, solicitor certification services are all-inclusive and will help save you money and time.

We will ensure your documents are checked and signed by a solicitor before the apostille is provided.

If your documents have already been signed, we will still help you process them under our standard services.

Our orders usually take 2-3 days. We will ensure that the correct apostille is issued for your disclosure Scotland document.

Protecting vulnerable groups scheme membership

This includes a person’s complete conviction information, spent and unspent information, and non-conviction information relevant to a government body or the police.

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