Apostille service overview:

  • 10-12 day service from £79 per document
  • 3-4 days and starts from £87 per document
  • 24-hour service from £97 per document

Prices are per document and include the apostille certificate, all fees, and VAT.

For an apostille to be issued, your medical documents (reports, letters, certificates) must be signed by a doctor registered with both the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Need a medical report, letter, or test?

To obtain an Apostille for a medical report or letter, it must be issued and signed by a doctor registered with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

This registration ensures the authenticity of your medical documents for international use.

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  • ZoomDoc’s doctors are FCDO-registered.
  • Get your medical documents quickly and conveniently.

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Types of medical documents we apostille

  • Medical reports & letters: test results, hospital records, specialist notes, etc.
  • Doctor’s notes (sick/fit notes): letters confirming illness or ability to work.
  • Coroner’s reports (post-mortem): official documents detailing cause of death.
  • Cremation certificates: documents authorising cremation.
  • Department of health (DH) documents: certificates and authorisations as needed.
  • And many more (see below)

The apostille process simplified

  • 1
    Send your documents: deliver or post the original medical documents to office.
  • 2
    We verify & legalise: our experts ensure signatures are registered and handle the entire apostille process.
  • 3
    Receive your apostilled document: get your legalised document back, ready for international use.

Why choose us?

  • Speed: choose from standard or express apostille service options.
  • Expertise: we have the know-how to navigate the apostille process smoothly.
  • Accuracy: rest assured that your medical documents are handled with care and precision.
  • Competitive pricing: our clear pricing structure means no hidden fees.


We offer flexible options to meet your needs:

  • Next-day service: This is for when you need your apostille as fast as possible.
  • Express (3-4 working days): Get your documents apostilled quickly.
  • Standard (10-12 working days): The most economical choice for non-urgent situations.

Please note: Turnaround time starts once we receive and verify your documents. If your doctor’s signature isn’t registered with the FCDO, this will add time to the process.

Return delivery times will also affect the turnaround time.

Absolutely! We partner with a trusted translation service provider to ensure your medical documents are translated accurately and efficiently.

Plus, you can conveniently order your translations directly through our online portal!

Here’s what makes our translation service a great fit:

  • Fast & easy: Order translations seamlessly alongside your Apostille request through our online portal.
  • Competitive rates: We’re proud to be one of the UK’s most affordable translation service providers.
  • Certified translations: Receive high-quality translations that are certified for official use.

 Ready to get started? Include your translation needs when placing your apostille order on our online portal.

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If your doctor’s signature isn’t registered with the FCDO, we can help!

We have a dedicated article explaining the registration process.

It’s a simple email to the FCDO and usually takes 2-3 working days.

We even provide a template to make it easy!


We apostille a wide range of medical documents

From routine certificates to specialised needs, we’ll ensure your documents are ready for international use.

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