Electronic apostilles can be issued on both personal and business documents. But not all types of documents qualify for e-apostilles yet.

See the below list of documents that qualify for the e-apostille service.

The cost starts from £84 per document (Price includes solicitor fees, FCDO fees, and VAT).

Depending on the Legalisation Office processing workload, the process usually takes a few days but can take 10 or more.

If you need an apostille fast, we recommend using the traditional apostille service (2-3 days) or express same-day service.

Use the form below to find out if your document(s) qualify for an electronic apostille.

Quick checklist before you start: 

  • You need to upload the document(s) as PDFs
  • Each PDF must be signed electronically by a UK solicitor or notary
    (we do this for you)
  • Some documents might need further checks before processing