The e-apostille service makes document legalisation effortless, for diverse personal and business documents.

Although not all documents qualify for electronic processing, those that do can be conveniently delivered via email, eliminating the need for physical shipping.

This is especially advantageous for international clients, offering savings on shipping costs and time.

  • e-Apostille only: £55 per document
  • e-Apostille + solicitor £97 (personal documents)
  • e-Apostille + solicitor £143 (business documents)
  • e-Apostille + notarisation £167 (personal documents)
  • e-Apostille + notarisation £179 (business documents)

The process typically takes 1-2 days (often completed the same day), though it can take longer depending on the Legalisation Office’s demands.

For the traditional, paper-based apostille, our standard 2-3 day or express next-day services are available.

Quick checklist before you start:

  • Upload documents in PDF format.
  • Documents must be certified with a UK FCDO-registered solicitor or notary e-signature (If needed,  we can assist with e-signatures).
  • For notarisations, share scanned ID and UK address proof. 
  • Some documents may require additional verification.

If your documents require notarisation, please submit (upload) a scan of your passport and proof of UK address.

For some documents, we may need to see or receive the original document before proceeding.

Adobe PDF logoThe e-apostille is delivered as a PDF. The PDF contains a ‘cover sheet’ that explains how to access the files and e-apostille inside the PDF. Here is a screenshot of the e-apostille cover sheet from the FCDO:


Please note: 

When you receive the e-apostille by email, it will be a PDF attachment. Don’t just open it in your email.

Instead, save the PDF to your device and then open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Documents that qualify for e-apostille:

Personal documents

  • Certificate of residence (we need to see the original)
  • Copy of driving licence (verification is required
  • Copy of passport (we need to see original)
  • Court documents issued digitally
  • Decree absolute, decree nisi issued digitally.
  • Degree certificates (verification required)
  • Educational certificates (verification required)
  • Employment letters (verification required)
  • HMRC documents – issued digitally
  • P60, p45 issued digitally
  • Professional qualifications
  • TEFL certificates

Business documents

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • CS01 – Confirmation statement
  • Companies House documents
  • Company registers
  • Company accounts (verification required)
  • Change of address document
  • Share Certificates – subject to Companies House checks
  • Certificate of residence (we need to see the original)
  • HMRC Documents – issued digitally
  • Certificate of Free Sale

Documents excluded from e-Apostille service:

Currently, some documents do not qualify for an e-Apostille and require a traditional physical apostille. The list includes:

  • Birth Records
  • Wedding Certificates
  • Civil Union Records
  • Death Records
  • Non-Impediment Certificates
  • ACRO, NPCC, DBS Records
  • Official Police Verifications
  • Finger Print Papers
  • Solicitor Documents with Handwritten Signatures
  • Documents Authenticated by a Notary
  • Court Papers with Manual Stamps
  • Other UK Government Certifications
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Any documents required to be legalised by Consulates or High Commissions