The adoption of the e-apostille has been increasingly widespread among various countries and authorities, offering a digital solution for authenticating documents internationally.

However, it’s essential to recognise that not every requesting authority within these countries may be familiar with or accept the e-apostille.

Whether you’re an individual seeking to authenticate personal documents for international study or employment or a business professional handling international transactions, the e-Apostille is your gateway to a smoother, more secure experience.

Considerations when using e-apostilles:

  • Awareness of requesting authorities: While many countries have embraced e-apostilles, some requesting authorities within these countries may not be aware of or accept them. It is crucial to check with the specific authority whether an e-apostille suits your needs.
  • Refer to e-Registers: To determine if your country recognises the e-apostille, refer to the below list of countries ↓ and their corresponding e-registers. The e-register is a vital tool for verifying the authenticity and validity of your e-apostille.
  • Not all documents qualify: It’s essential to understand that not all documents are eligible for an e-apostille. Specific criteria must be met, and verifying this beforehand is advisable.
  • Quick turnaround in the UK: In the United Kingdom, e-apostilled documents are typically completed within 24 to 48 hours, showcasing the efficiency of the process.
  • Ordering an e-Apostille: You will find more information on how to request an e-apostille.
  • Case study insight: Explore our e-apostille case study to understand how the process has facilitated international document authentication.

Remember, it’s always best to verify with the specific authority whether an e-apostille is accepted and suitable for your situation.

By staying informed and choosing the right type of apostille, you can ensure a seamless and secure process for your international document authentication needs.

Here is a list of current countries that accept the e-apostille:

List last updated: 05/05/2024

Country Check e-Register
Andorra Available here
Argentina Available here
Armenia Available here
Australia Available here
Austria Available here
Azerbaijan Available here * (Check!)
Bahrain Via QR code **
Belgium Available here
Bolivia Available here
Brazil Available here
Bulgaria Available here
Chile Available here
China Available here
Colombia Available here
Costa Rica Available here
Denmark Available here
Dominican Republic Available here
Ecuador Available here (Check!)
El Salvador Via QR code **
Estonia Available here
Georgia Available here
Greece Available here
Guatemala Available here
India Available here
Indonesia Available here
Ireland Available here
Israel Available here
Kazakhstan Available here
South Korea Available here
Kosovo Available here
Latvia Available here
Mexico Available here
Moldova Available here
Morocco Available here
New Zealand Available here
Nicaragua currently unavilable(!)
Paraguay currently unavilable(!)
Peru Available here
Philippines Available here
Romania Available here
Saint Kitts and Nevis Available here
Singapore Available here
Slovenia Available here
Spain Available here
Tajikistan Available here
Türkiye Available here
Ukraine Available here
United Kingdom Available here
United States Arkansas
  New York
  North Carolina * (Check!)
  Rhode Island
  West Virginia
Uruguay Available here
Uzbekistan Available here
Venezuela Available here

* The implementation of this component is not yet fully e-APP compatible.
** No specific link is available as the e-Register operates by using Quick Response (QR) codes to generate unique URLs.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible e-apostille experience. Contact us today if you have any questions or require assistance with your e-apostille needs.