Apostille service overview:
  1. We need the original marriage certificate in our office
  2. You can bring it to our office in person, or send it by mail
  • 10-12 day service from £79 per document
  • 3-4 days and starts from £87 per document
  • 24-hour service from £97 per document

Prices are per document and include the apostille certificate, all fees, and VAT.

If you are planning to use your apostilled marriage certificate for an official purpose abroad, be aware that some authorities might request additional documents related to your current marital status, even if you’re still married.

This could include documentation of your spouse’s status or evidence that your marriage is valid for the specific purpose at hand.

How to order:

Note that an e-apostille (electronic apostille) cannot be used for a marriage certificate.

Step one:

UK marriage certificates are protected by Crown copyright. This means that they cannot be photocopied. Only the original (green or red forms) or original official copies issued by the General Register Office (GRO) or local Registry Offices can be apostilled and legalised.

Step two:

We need the original or official copy to get the apostille. You must either mail your marriage certificate or drop it off at our central London office.

Step three:

Contact us to place an order.

When emailing, please provide the following information:

  • How many certificates need an apostille?
  • In which country will your marriage certificate be used?
  • How soon do you need the apostille?

Once we have all the information, the team will assess your enquiry and give you a personalised and detailed quotation.

If you accept the quotation, we send an invoice to be paid, and the process of getting an apostille for your documents starts. We will take care of everything.

Final step:

As soon as your marriage certificate has been apostilled, we will send you a scanned copy via email.

Assuming that you are not collecting your apostilled documents from our London office – we will also provide you with the tracking number as soon as your forms have been given to the courier.

Note that we return documents with DHL or Royal Mail.

How much does it cost?

For personal documents, prices are as follows:

  • 10-12 day apostille service costs £79
  • 3-4 day apostille service starts from £87.
  • 1 day (next business day) service costs £97

The price includes our fees, FCDO fees, and VAT. Business documents incur an additional processing fee.

There could be additional costs, depending on another service you choose and how many documents you wish to apostille. Additional cost examples are:

  • Translations start from £65
  • Notarisation by notary public (+ £96)
  • Return delivery costs (+ £12)
  • Embassy legalisation (from + £75)

How long does it take to get an apostille?

There are 4 options for getting an apostille.

Option one: 10-12 days:

Your documents are “posted” to the FCDO in Milton Keynes and then posted back to our office – or your address. This process usually takes about 10 business days.

Option two: 3 to 4 days:

  • If documents arrive by 10:30 am, it will take 2 days
  • If documents arrive after 10:30 am, then it will take 3 days
  • Documents are submitted and collected in person

Option three: 1 day (next business day)

  • Documents must arrive before 10:30 am for the next-day service.
  • Documents can be collected around 3:30 pm the next day.
  • Documents are submitted and collected in person

Option four: e-Apostille 1 to 2 days 

Electronic apostilles are usually completed within 24 hours but can take two working days, depending on the FCDO’s workload.

Replacement documents:

We do not offer a replacement service currently. You can get a replacement marriage certificate by applying on the government’s General Register Office website. [1]

Who can request an apostille for a marriage certificate?

Anyone from overseas can request an apostille. In most cases, an overseas authority requests the legalisation of documents.

Overseas authorities like:

  • Governments
  • Solicitors & notaries
  • Religious organisations
  • Immigration
How to get an apostille for a UK marriage certificate
Sample image of UK marriage certificate / FCDO logo subject to copyright

Why can an apostille be requested for a marriage certificate?

An apostille for marriage certificates can be requested to prove to overseas authorities that the GRO or local registrar’s marriage certificate is valid and authentic.

If you got married overseas or have dual citizenship, or your spouse is not a UK citizen by birth or if the marriage is very young, are some reasons why an apostille may be requested to verify its validity.

Where can a marriage certificate be apostilled in the UK?

In the UK, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is the only competent authority where you can get an apostille for your marriage certificate. The apostille can be obtained via the official FCDO website, or you can hire an FCDO registered apostille agency to get an apostille.

What information is required to get a marriage certificate apostille?

To get an apostille for your UK marriage certificate – you need to provide the original certificate or an official copy (replacement) certificate.

The FCDO (and apostille agencies) will also request basic contact details in case you need to be contacted and for returning your apostilled marriage certificate.

Does my marriage certificate need to be translated for overseas use?

If your marriage certificate needs translation will depend on the requesting authority and country. If your certificate is used in an official legal capacity it will most likely need to be translated. It is best to check with them if your documents need to be translated.

Also, check if the translated version of your marriage certificate needs to be apostilled too.

Can a UK apostille be attached to a non-UK marriage certificate?

It is possible to apostille non-UK marriage certificates. However, foreign marriage certificates must first be notarised before an apostille can be attached.

To notarise the foreign marriage certificate, the original must be presented to the notary to be checked to confirm its authenticity. The notary will make a copy and notarise a copy of the foreign marriage certificate for the apostille.

Getting an apostille for religious marriage certificates

Does the marriage certificate need further legalisation after the apostille has been attached?

Your marriage certificate might need further legalisation via an embassy or consulate if the country requesting the apostille is not part of the Hague Apostille Convention. Some countries’ embassies, like China, will not legalise non-UK marriage certificates.