How it works:
  1. Deliver your documents by post or email
  2. If required we certify your documents
  3. We get the apostille certificate
  4. We submit your documents to the UAE embassy
  5. If required, we also submit docs to MoFA in Dubai

We attest all documents, including personal, educational, police clearance, export, and business documents. Our service includes everything that you need to get your documents attested.

We also offer a discount for 3 or more documents.

The fastest way of finding out what you need, what it costs, and how long it takes to have your documents attested – is to contact our office.

Regardless if you need help with the entire process or have already completed some of the legalisation processes, we can help.

We liaise with the UAE Embassy in London nearly every day. We are very familiar with their requirements and know what it takes to get your documents attested so they don’t get rejected.

The two most popular services that we provide are:

  • Apostille & UAE embassy attestation
  • Certification, apostille & UAE embassy attestation

We also get enquiries for UAE attestation service only, which we, of course, provide too. It just means that the document that must be attested has the attached apostille certificate.

Discounts for 3 or more documents.

Flag of the United Arab Emirates Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

Processing time:

Personal document 8 + working days
Business document 8 + working days

Legalisation requirements:

Hague convention member: No
Is embassy legalisation available: Yes
Do the documents need to be translated: Some
Do they offer an express service: No
Can documents be bundled: No
Do they require ABCC certification: Some
Do they require copies: Yes

Legalisation Procedure:

1. Certification or notarisation (if required)
2. FCDO apostille
3. ABCC certification (if required)
4. UAE Embassy attestation
5. MoFA verification (if required)

The UAE embassy legalisation process requires that certain documents are first certified or notarised, then legalised by the FCDO, and then attested by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in London.

Non-UK documents must be attested by the issuing country first. Exceptions apply; please enquire.

Apostilled documents bundled together are not accepted.

Invoices must be processed separately and certified by the Arab British Chambers of Commerce (ABCC) [1].

The UAE embassy does not offer an expedited service [2].

UAE attestation requirements

  • UK documents must be apostilled by the FCDO
  • Personal documents must be originals (not copies*)

  • Certified copies of educational certificates are accepted

  • Documents must be submitted by post/courier
  • No submission in person accepted at the embassy
  • Submissions must include prepaid return envelope
  • UAE does not accept documents with a notary cover sheet
  • Police clearance certificate (PCC) must be originals
  • Only ‘long form’ birth certificates are accepted in the UAE

The UAE Consulate now requires verification for the following documents:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Board Resolution
  • Authorisations of Agent
  • Affidavits
  • Consent Letters

Verification Requirement: Documents such as Powers of Attorney, Board Resolutions, Authorisations of Agents, Affidavits, and Consent Letters will now require verification by the UAE Consulate before they can be legalised.

Cover Letter Mandate: Each signatory of these documents must provide a cover letter. This cover letter must confirm that the signatory has signed the document in the presence of a UK notary public or solicitor.

Passport Copy Attachment: A copy of the signatory’s passport must be attached along with the cover letter.

Personal Contact Information: The cover letter must include the signatory’s personal email and telephone number.

Expectation of Cooperation: The signatory should be aware that the Consulate will contact them for verification purposes and that a prompt response is expected.

Multiple Signatories: In cases where there is more than one signatory, each must provide their own cover letter. The signatures on these cover letters must match the ones on the passport and the document being legalised.

Processing is 1-2 working days for the apostille plus about eight working days from when the embassy receives the documents. It may take longer if extra checks have to be carried out.

Read our article for requirements for degree attestation with the UAE embassy.

UAE embassy attestation signatures and stamp examples
UAE embassy attestation signature examples / image ©

Translation from English into Arabic

Aside from Dubai, Arabic translation may be required for the 6 emirates, including all Dubai Free Zone authorities. However, translation is rarely requested. If a translation is required, the document(s) are translated from English to Arabic by a certified translator.

Always check with the requesting authority if a translation is required.

Included in our UAE embassy attestation service:

  • We advise and check that your documents meet attestation criteria
  • If documents need to be certified, we get a solicitor
  • We submit your documents to the FCDO for the apostille
  • We arrange and complete the UAE embassy attestation
  • If needed, get Arab British Chambers of Commerce certification
  • Documents are returned by your preferred chosen method
  • You’ll also get a digital copy of your attested documents

  • We are competitively priced with no hidden fees
  • We have a service guarantee! If we can’t get your documents attested, we refund our fee.

Embassy attestation service.

Attestation can be a complicated process. We are here to help. Get a free, no-obligation quote today.

Embassy attestation service.

Attestation can be a complicated process. We are here to help. Get a free, no-obligation quote today.