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Apostille for Birth Certificate


Processing time:  2-3 days



Upon receipt of your document, we’ll submit your certificate to the FCDO, and they will confirm the authenticity of the signature or stamp and subsequently attach the apostille.

Our processing time is efficient and generally completed within 2-3 days.

This service is commonly utilized for various purposes, including visa applications, registering a birth overseas, and passport applications.

Remember, there are two versions of birth certificates in the UK:

  1. Short version: Includes the individual’s name, place, and date of birth.
  2. Long version: In addition to the details in the short version, this includes the parents’ names.

While we can process both, we recommend sending the long version for legalisation. Ensure you provide the correct version according to your needs.

Birth certificates are typically printed in black and green or black and red and signed by a local registrar or stamped by the government registry office.


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