How to get an apostille for TEFL certificate
  1. The original & copy of  TEFL certificates can be apostilled
  2. Both the original and copy must be solicitor certified
  3. Email, post, or deliver your certificate in person
  4. We get the apostille and return your certificate
  5. The process takes 2-3 days and starts from £110

For us to be able to solicitor certify your TEFL certificate, we need to see the original certificate. The same goes for TESOL, CELTA, DELTA, Trinity CertTESOL, TEFL/TESL/TESOL online, and in-class certificates.

Once we’ve confirmed that your certificate is genuine, we can certify a copy, or the original, for the FCDO.

Getting an apostille usually takes 2 to 3 days, and costs start from £110, including solicitor fees, FCDO fees, our fees, and VAT.

We can return the legalised documents via DHL courier (next-day service), or you can collect them in person from our London office – 24 hours.

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The full order process

Step one:

Make sure that your TEFL certificate can be legalised with an apostille. Your certificate should not be damaged or altered in any way.

Step two:

Contact our office.

When emailing, please provide the following information:

  • In which country will your certificate be used?
  • Should we legalise the original or a certified copy?
  • How soon do you need the apostille?
  • How will the TEFL certificate be delivered and returned?

When we have all the information, the team will assess your enquiry and give you a quotation.

If you accept the quote, the process of getting an apostille starts.

Step three:

Once your TEFL certificate has been apostilled, we will send you a scanned copy via email.

If you are not collecting your apostilled document from our London office – we will provide you with the DHL tracking number given by the courier.

Note that we return documents by DHL courier only. If you want to make other arrangements, please let us know.

How much does it cost?

Getting an apostille for TEFL certificates starts from £110. (includes solicitor fees, FCDO fees, our fees & VAT).

Other costs will depend on what service you choose (express service), if you also need embassy attestation, and what return delivery method has been chosen.

Additional cost examples are:

  • Same day or express service (+ £123)
  • UK return delivery costs (+ £20)
  • Notarisation by notary public (+ £90)
  • Embassy authentication (from £75)
  • Translations (from £60)

How long does it take?

Our standard processing time for getting an apostille is 2-3 days.

Here is what 2 to 3 days mean:

  • If your documents arrive by 10 am, it will take 2 days to process your documents + next-day return delivery.
  • If your documents arrive after 10 am, then it would take 3 days to apostille your documents + next day return delivery.

We also offer a same-day apostille service.

  • Documents must arrive before 10 am for the same-day service.
  • Documents can be collected around 4 pm the same day.

Same-day service assumes you can drop off and collect your documents on the same day at our London office.

If a mailing or courier service is utilised, the same day becomes a 24-hour service.

Discover how the same-day apostille service works

Document receipt and return services

We have several ways documents can be delivered and returned like, email, in-person, post, or private courier.

When is notarisation a must for TEFL certificates?

You must notarise your TEFL certificate when the requesting overseas authority asks you to do so.

Reasons for notarisation requests can be if your certificate must be certified as genuine or if the requesting authority resides in a country that is not part of the Apostille Hague Convention.

Can all types of TEFL certificates get an apostille?

Yes, all TEFL certificates awarded by an accredited provider, and if the course meets the standards set by the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), can be apostilled.

This applies to all types of TEFL certificates, including TESOL, CELTA, DELTA, Trinity CertTESOL, TEFL/TESL/TESOL online, TEFL/TESL/TESOL combined, and TEFL/TESL/TESOL in-class certificates [1].

All certificates must be solicitor certified before being submitted to the FCDO for an apostille.

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • Trinity CertTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • TEFL/TESL/TESOL Online certificates: These are taken via an online course
  • TEFL/TESL/TESOL Combined certificates: includes both online and in-class training
  • TEFL/TESL/TESOL In-class certificates

Can online-only TEFL certificates be apostilled?

Yes, it is possible to get an apostille for some online-only TEFL certificates. The FCDO now accepts online-only TEFL certificates that have been issued by providers that are regulated by the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

As a result of the Covid pandemic lockdowns much teaching and learning has moved online in recent years. For these reasons the FCDO now accepts some online TEFL certificates that have been issued by RQF regulated providers.

TEFL certificate examples with apostille
TEFL certificate examples with apostille (image credit see references)

What other documents are often requested when legalising a TEFL certificate?

Qualifications and documents sometimes requested with a TEFL certificate are a university degree and a criminal record check.

Foreign employers sometimes need these to prove a candidate’s abilities and good character.

Can I get an apostille for my TEFL certificate online?

You can only get an e-apostille for a TEFL certificate if it has been issued digitally. Documents submitted to the legalisation office must be uploaded as PDF files and electronically signed by a UK notary or solicitor.

In practice, it is rare to get an apostille for a TEFL certificate entirely online.

You cannot get an e-Apostille if your TEFL certificate needs to be accompanied by any of the following:

  • Birth, death, marriage, civil partnership and adoption certificates, or any other document from the General Register Office
  • ACRO police certificates for England and Wales
  • Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) certificates for England and Wales
  • Disclosure certificates for Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Fingerprint certificates

Do you need to need translation for your TEFL certificate?

We can take care of the translation for you if you need to translate your TEFL or TESOL certificate.

The processing options for translating documents are as follows:

  • You first need to check if you need the TEFL certificate translated with – or without the apostille attached.
  • Then we need to know what language your UK TEFL certificate need to be translate to
  • The translator will then translate and certify the translation.
  • You can also request a sworn translation or statement of truth
  • We can also notarise your translation if required
  • We will return the translated TEFL certificate via email.
  • If requested, we can also post a physical copy
  • Translation for personal documents starts at £60 per page

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