Service summary:
  1. We must see the original foundation degree
  2. Both original & copies must be certified or notarised
  3. We get the apostille and return your degree
  4. It takes 2-3 days to complete and costs £110. 

We take care of the entire process. For example, it usually takes only two days for an apostille for a foundational degree or other academic documents.

You can then collect the apostilled degree from our central London office or instruct us to return your degree via post. We use DHL, next-day return delivery, for all documents.

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How to order:  

Step one:

Check with the requesting authority if you can apostille a photocopy or if you must apostille the original foundation degree.

Both the original and copy must be solicitor certified before legalising. We also notarise degrees; more information on notarisation below.↓

Step two:

Contact our office to place an order.

Please provide the following information:

  • What country will the foundation degree be used in?
  • How soon do you need the apostille?
  • How will the foundation degree be delivered and returned?

Once we have all the information, the team will assess your enquiry and give you a personalised and detailed quotation.

If you accept the quotation, the process of getting an apostille for your documents starts.

We will take care of the entire legalisation process for you.

Step three:

As soon as your foundation degree has been apostilled, we will contact you, and you’ll receive a scanned copy via email. You’ll also be informed if the document has been couriered or when you can come to the office and collect it.

How much does it cost?

An apostille certificate for a foundation degree starts from £110. (includes solicitor fees, FCDO fees, & VAT).

There could be additional costs, depending on another service you choose and how many UK documents you wish to apostille.

How long does it take to get an apostille?

There are 4 options for getting an apostille.

Option one: 10-12 days:

Your documents are “posted” to the FCDO in Milton Keynes and then posted back to our office – or your address. This process usually takes about 10 business days. (currently unavailable)

Option two: 3 to 4 days:

  • If documents arrive by 10:30 am, it will take 3 days
  • If documents arrive after 10:30 am, then it will take 4 days
  • Documents are submitted and collected in person

Option three: 1 day (next business day)

  • Documents must arrive before 10:00 am for the next-day service.
  • Documents can be collected around 3:30 pm the next day.
  • Documents are submitted and collected in person

Option four: e-Apostille 1 to 2 days 

Electronic apostilles are usually completed within 24 hours but can take two working days, depending on the FCDO’s workload.

How much does an apostille for a foundation degree cost?

An apostille for a foundation degree starts from £110.

Additional costs depend on what service you need, how long the notarisation takes, if the university changes fees, and solicitor fees.

The cost will also depend on the service type you choose, whether it is a standard, express or same-day service.

All quotes will include the Legalisation Office fees.

Regardless of what service type you choose, the following is also always included:

  • If documents need to be certified, we get a solicitor
  • We submit your documents to the FCDO for the apostille
  • We arrange the embassy attestation if needed
  • If required, we also arrange for the Arab Chamber of Commerce certification
  • Documents are returned by your preferred chosen method.
  • We are competitively priced with no hidden fees
  • We have a service guarantee! If we can’t get your documents attested, we refund our fee.

Notarising foundation degrees

Some authorities request that your educational degrees, like the foundation degree, be notarised by a UK notary public. This involves the notary contacting the governing body where you obtained your degree to verify its authenticity.

Processing times for notarisation depend entirely on how quickly contacted institutions respond to the notary. Notarisations start from £160, plus apostille service.

Why do authorities request an apostille for foundation degrees?

Authorities request an apostille for foundation degrees and other academic documents to ensure that documents are genuine and can be legally used in the country that demands them.

If the requesting country is part of the Hague convention, then the apostille is often sufficient proof. However, if the government is not part of the apostille convention, further legalisation via an embassy or consulate will be required.

When do I need to translate my foundation degree?

If you need to translate the foundation degree will depend on the requesting authority and country.

From experience, the requesting authority will let you know if you must translate your foundation degree. We can assist with obtaining translations of documents if required.

Legalising a foundation degree with an embassy in London

We offer a full embassy legalisation service. If you need to attest your degree with any embassy in London, we can take care of the entire process. Each embassy has different requirements, so contact us today for more information.