Service summary:
  1. Both originals and photocopies must be certified or notarised
  2. If we receive your document by 10am it takes 2 days to complete
  3. We legalise your university transcripts with the apostille
  4. Your apostilled transcript is ready to be collected or couriered
  5. Costs £97. (includes solicitor fees, FCDO fees, & VAT).

We can apostille a solicitor-certified copy of your transcripts – but we need to receive the original transcripts.

Often transcripts can be ‘bound’ with the qualification (Degree, Bachelor, PhD etc), but you need to check that the requesting authority accepts bound or copied documents.

We’ve outlined how to get an apostille for university transcripts below.

What it is:  

A university transcript is an official academic document outlining your performance and progress, including your credits.

Frequently used for:

You can use the apostilled transcript in the following ways:

  • When transferring to a different university abroad
  • When applying for a job that requires seeing your performance at the university

Original or copy:

We can apostille either the original document or a notarised copy. Most countries will accept the notarised copy, but it’s always good to confirm first.

Need to know:

  • The university cannot issue an apostille.
  • We cannot process documents from ‘online universities.’

Replacement documents:

You can get a replacement of your university transcripts from the university’s registrar’s office or by downloading them from their website.

How much does it cost?

A standard FCDO apostille for a university transcript starts from £97. (includes solicitor fees, FCDO fees, & VAT).

Other costs will depend on what service you choose (same-day service available) if you need a notary or solicitor service, embassy fees if required and what return delivery method is required.

How to order:

Straightforward transcript apostille can be ordered via our website. You can choose additional options on the order page. If you are unsure, please call our office and speak to one of our experts about the process.

Can I use a certified copy to get an apostille certificate?

Yes. You can use certified copies of your university transcript to get an apostille in the UK. Just make sure that the receiving country accepts apostilled copies.

If you are outside the UK, you should have your document authenticated at a British Embassy, but you need to check if this service is offered in that country.

Can all academic transcripts be apostilled?

No. The educational institute issuing the transcripts must be registered and recognised by the UK government. We cannot legalise the document if your degree transcripts are issued by a university not recognised in the UK. [1] [2]

We can also not accept degrees or transcripts from ‘online-only universities’.

An Example Transcript from Sheffield Hallam University Online Store
An Example Transcript from Sheffield Hallam University Online Store

What information is on a transcript?

A university transcript contains a list of the course units taken, the exams you have passed, and the credits gained.

In the Transcript of Records – TOR, you can usually see:

  • The course unit code (basically the code the host university gives to a specific academic course)
  • The title of the courses you have attended at your host university
  • The duration of the course (if one semester or two)
  • The local grade (your exam mark, which is very important to get your ECTS credits)
  • The ECTS credits you have gained by passing the exam

Will one apostille cover multiple documents?

No. each document requires its own apostille. If you want multiple academic documents certified, we provide a ‘Bound Set’ arrangement, a cost-effective option.

A ‘bound set’ means that your transcripts receive the apostille service together. A cover sheet is created and then signed as a confirmation of the bound documents by our solicitor.

After creating this cover, we physically attach it to the academic documents using legal bindings. The apostille, after that, secures the cover sheet legalising all records in the bound set.

However, before taking this option, we recommend you check with the requesting authority how they want the academic documents presented.

Do you provide embassy attestation too?

Yes. After legalising your UK academic transcripts, we can provide embassy attestation for your university transcript documents.

Types of university transcripts that can be apostilled

  • Standard transcripts
  • Interim transcripts
  • Academic transcript
  • Extended transcript

Confirmation of award letters can be apostilled too.

If you have studied overseas or in a non-EU country

If you have studied outside the EU (or outside the UK), you should legalise and authenticate documents in the country of origin. The UK FCDO only apostilles UK documents.

Although not always possible, you could try getting a notary public to authenticate your transcript. The notary can advise if your document will be accepted in the UK for legalisation.


You may also have to translate your transcript if it is not in English. A solicitor must also authenticate the translation.

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[4] Image credit: Transcript | Sheffield Hallam University Online Store