A request to have a driving licence legalised with an apostille certificate can come from overseas authorities when the proof is required that a UK driver’s licence is genuine and still valid.

In our experience, an apostille is requested if you wish to drive professionally in a foreign country (for example, Truck or Taxi drivers) or use it as proof of identity and residency.

We provide apostille certificates for UK driving licence in one or two days to the Hague apostille convention requirements.

What it is:  

A UK driving licence is an official document issued to an individual to drive a specific category of vehicles.

Frequently used for:

Having an apostilled driving licence enables you to:

  • Apply for a professional driving job overseas
  • Buy or rent a car abroad
  • Take out insurance in another country
  • Show proof of residency

Original or copy:

The original UK driving licence cannot be apostilled – only copies.

Since the UK driver’s license is a credit card-sized plastic card – an apostille certificate can only be attached when the driving licence is scanned onto a paper photocopy.

Replacement documents:

If you need to replace the driving licence, you can order a replacement with the DVLA in the UK. It costs £20. [1]

How much does it cost?

A standard FCDO apostille certificate for a driving licence starts from £79.

Other costs will depend on other apostille services you choose, such as: if you require the documents to be solicitor certified, whether you wish to have the documents attested, whether you will need same-day service and the delivery method chosen.

Each of these services will have an additional cost.

How to order:

A straightforward apostille certificate for your UK driving license can be ordered from our main ‘Order a UK Apostille’ page, found in the website’s main navigation.

If you are unsure or have questions, please call our office, and speak to one of our trained experts.

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Does the photocopy of the driver’s license need to be solicitor certified?

Yes, the copy of the original driving license must be certified as authentic by a UK solicitor or notary public before the FCDO can process it and attach the embossed apostille certificate.

What information is required to get a driving licence apostilled?

To get an apostille certification for your driving licence, you need to submit the following:

  • A scanned copy of your driving licence (both sides) or the original driving license. If you only submit the scanned copy, you can attach it with your order form and email it.
  • Contact details, including your mobile number, email address, and current address, in case you need to be contacted.
  • The country for which you wish to use your driving licence. It can be any one of the Hague convention member countries.
  • Your postal address to send the apostilled document back to you.
  • Your national insurance number.
Apostille for a UK driving license
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What if I’m not in the UK and require an apostille certificate for my driving licence?

If you are not in the UK, you will need the help of a family member or friend to assist you in the process of getting an apostille for your driving license here in the UK.

You need to mail the original UK driver’s license and meet with a local notary in the UK to have the colour copy signed and notarised.[2]

Non-English speaking countries may require a translation

Should you need to use the apostilled driver’s license in a non-English speaking country, a certified translation of your photocopied driver’s license might be required. The requesting authorities will usually let you know if this is required.

If you need a translation service, we can provide this for you. [4]

Non-Hague member countries may also require embassy attestation

The apostilled driving licence may also need to be authenticated at an embassy in London. For example, if the country you are using the licence in is not part of the apostille treaty, then embassy attestation might be requested. [3]

What if you have changed your name on your driving licence?

You can get an apostille without any further proof or documents if you have changed your name on the driver’s licence. However, it is possible that overseas authorities may request an apostilled and certified Deed Poll.

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[1] Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed driving licence

[2] Notary public service

[3] Hague member countries

[4] Translation service