To get an apostille certificate for an affidavit, you need to make sure that the affidavit is notarised. Then the UK government (FCDO) can attach the official apostille certificate to the notarised affidavit.

The official UK apostille attached to the affidavit allows the foreign country to accept the affidavit as a validly signed document.

What it is:  

An affidavit is a sworn and written statement of facts under oath.

Frequently used for:

In the United Kingdom, affidavits are mainly used for:

  • Court proceedings
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Property disputes
  • Chasing debt

Original or copy:

The original affidavit and a solicitor or notary-certified photocopy of the original affidavit can be apostilled.

Replacement documents:

For replacement, you draft another affidavit with your solicitor or notary public.

How much does it cost?

A standard FCDO apostille certificate for an affidavit starts from £79.

There could be additional costs, depending on another service you choose and how many UK documents you wish to apostille.

How to order:

A straightforward apostille certificate for a UK affidavit can be ordered online via our website.

You can choose additional options on the order page. If you have questions, please call our office, and speak to one of our expert advisors.

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Why is an apostille required for an affidavit?

An apostille for the affidavit is required if an authority abroad has requested it. The apostille certificate that is attached to the affidavit makes it an official document that can be used in any of the 100+ Hauge member countries. [1]

How to get an apostille for an affidavit?

To get an apostille for an affidavit, we go to the Legalisation Office in London or Milton Keynes. They will confirm that the signature, stamp or seal is from a UK public official. If the signature on the affidavit is recognised (in the FCDO database), then the official UK apostille certificate is attached to the affidavit.

Affidavit Examples
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How long does it take to get an apostille for an affidavit?

The time it takes to get an apostille will depend on how ready your affidavit is. For example, if your affidavit is not solicitor or notary certified, it can take a few days to get that sorted.

We can get your affidavit certified in 24 hours.

When the affidavit is certified, it will take one to two days to get the apostille from the FCDO. [2] You can order the same-day service, but only for ready-certified affidavits. The same-day service gets your affidavit apostilled in 24 hours.

The return delivery of the apostilled affidavit will add extra time, depending on where you live and the return delivery method chosen.

Do I need to translate the apostilled affidavit?

If the affidavit is intended for use in a non-English speaking country, a document translation may be needed. We can assist with obtaining translations of documents where required. Read more about our certified translation services.

Legalising the affidavit with an embassy in London

Some countries require the document to be legalised by both their embassy in London and the UK FCDO. So, for example, an embassy would only legalise an affidavit (or any other document) after the document has already been certified by the FCDO.

Since other documents often accompany an affidavit, all documents must have the apostille certificate or be presented as a ‘bundle’. However, not all embassies allow for documents to be bundled. Please check with the embassy in London first, or you can review our web page for embassy requirements.

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