Service summary:
  • We can apostille a certified copy – not the original.
  • You can email us a copy or drop it off at our office
  • We do the rest. Get your apostille and return your documents.
  • The process takes 2-3 days and starts from £79.

If you wish to use your naturalisation certificate with foreign authorities, it will need to be apostilled.

An apostille makes the certificate of naturalisation authentic for use overseas.

We can arrange for a certified copy from a solicitor or notary.

What it is:  

A certificate of naturalisation is a document issued by the UK government to an individual who gains British citizenship through naturalisation or registration. [1]

Frequently used for:

You can use your apostille certificate of naturalisation for the following:

  • Applying for a British passport
  • Staying and working in the UK without immigration restrictions
  • Registering your children’s British passports
  • Marrying overseas

Original or copy:

Only a certified copy of the original is required for the apostille service. You cannot issue an apostille on your original certificate of naturalisation, as altering the document in any way whatsoever will invalidate it.


As mentioned above, you can only use a solicitor certified copy as the original certificate cannot be modified in any way.

Replacement documents:

If you lose your naturalisation certificate or believe it has been stolen, please inform the Home Office as soon as possible. You should also notify the police about it and apply for a new one. [2]

How much does it cost?

A standard FCDO apostille for a certificate of naturalisation starts from £79.

However, our apostille services will vary depending on the services you select, such as:

  • Same-day service
  • The cost of notary and solicitor certification.
  • Whether you will require embassy attestation.
  • The delivery mode you have chosen, e.g., international shipping to certain countries, can be more costly.

These extra services will lead to additional costs. Also, the price will go up depending on how many other documents you would wish to have apostilled.

How to order:

A straightforward apostille for a UK naturalisation certificate can be ordered via the online order form. You can choose additional options on the order page. If you are unsure, please call our office and speak to one of our experts.

When should I get an apostille for a naturalisation certificate?

You should get an apostille certificate for your naturalisation certificate if you intend to use it outside the UK.

However, please note that the apostille can only be applied to the certified copy and not the original, as the original cannot be modified in any way. Your apostille service provider will check that.

How do you replace a lost certificate of naturalisation?

If you lose or suspect that your naturalisation certificate has been stolen, you must notify the Home Office as quickly as possible. [2]

It is also good to notify the police that your certificate was lost.

If you’ve misplaced or had your naturalisation certificate taken, you must:

  • Fill out the online request form 2
  • Pay a £250 fine if the mistake was yours (The UK visa and Immigration services will advise you in writing if you need to pay)

Your naturalisation certificate can be ordered from the National Archives if you were granted British citizenship before September 30, 1986. [2]

How do I locate the naturalisation certificate number?

You can locate your naturalisation certificate number at the bottom of the certificate, above the reference number and to the left of the date.

How do I locate my naturalisation certificate reference number?

You can locate the reference number of your naturalisation certificate at the bottom of the certificate, just to the left of the date and immediately below the Certificate Number.

Which information does the naturalisation certificate contain?

The information contained in the naturalisation certificate provides information about the holder. Naturalisation certificates follow a standard format.

The certificate should typically include the following information:

  • Your date of birth, and if different, your name at birth
  • Your birthdate
  • Your geographical location and birth country
  • The naturalisation certificate number
  • The naturalisation certificate reference number
  • Your Bibliography
  • The date of issue

Verifying that the naturalisation certificate is issued with the correct information is critical because the UK government charges for changing documentation and granting duplicate certificates.

Example of a UK certificate of naturalisation (redacted)
Example of a UK certificate of naturalisation (redacted)

Who can apply for a certificate of naturalisation?

Anyone who meets the required qualification criteria can apply for a certificate of naturalisation. In addition, according to the British Nationality Act of 1981 [3], anybody who is not a UK citizen can apply for British citizenship.

Once you are issued the certificate, you can live in the UK with the same rights as anyone born a British national. You can also apply for a British passport.

Applying for a certificate of naturalisation UK – requirements:

The main requirements for applying for a certificate of naturalisation are: [4]

  • Must be 18 years and over
  • Must be of ‘good character.’ This means that you should not have committed any serious crimes or immigration fraud
  • You must be currently living in the UK
  • You must meet the English requirement
  • You must pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test

Those are the most general requirements. In addition to that, the applicants must also meet the following:

  • They should have lived in the UK for at least five years, without an absence of more than 450 days
  • They should not have travelled outside the UK for more than 90 days in the last year
  • They should have a UK permanent residence or should have been granted an indefinite leave to stay in the UK and must have had this for at least a year

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