Service summary:
  1. We need the original ACCA certificates
  2. Post or hand deliver certificates (24 hours)
  3. A solicitor must certify the ACCA certificates
  4. We get the apostille and return your certificate
  5. The process takes 2-3 days and starts from £110

We need to receive the original ACCA certificate in our office. You can deliver it in person (24 hours) or post it to our London office.

Once we receive the ACCA certificate getting an apostille usually takes 2 days, and costs start from £110, including solicitor fees, FCDO fees, our fees, and VAT.

We can return the legalised ACCA diploma via DHL courier (next-day service), or you can collect it in person.

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The full order process

Step one:

We need to receive the original diploma even if you want to apostille a copy. Check if you need to apostille the exam transcript too.

Step two:

Contact our office.

When emailing, please provide the following information:

  • In which country will your certificate be used?
  • How soon do you need the apostille?
  • Do you also require embassy legalisation?
  • How will the ACCA be delivered and returned?

When we have all the information, the team will assess your enquiry and give you a detailed quotation.

If you accept the quotation, we will send an invoice to be paid, and the process of getting an apostille starts.

Step three:

As soon as your ACCA diploma or certificate has been apostilled, we will send you a scanned copy via email.

If you are not collecting your apostilled document from our London office – we will provide you with the DHL tracking number given by the courier.

Note that we return documents by DHL courier only. If you want to make other arrangements, please let us know.

How much does it cost?

The cost of getting an apostille for an ACCA certificate starts from £110. (includes solicitor fees, FCDO fees, & VAT).

Other costs will depend on what service you choose (standard or same-day service) if you also need embassy attestation, and what return delivery method has been chosen.

Additional cost examples are:

  • Same day or express service (+ £123)
  • UK return delivery costs (+ £20)
  • Notarisation by notary public (+ £90)
  • Embassy attestation/legalisation (from £75)

Please get in touch with our office if you are not in the UK and want to legalise your ACCA certificate here in the UK. Procedures, timelines, and costs may vary for different countries, so it is essential that we first establish what is required.

ACCA membership documents do not qualify for an e-Apostille.

How long does it take?

Our standard processing time for getting an apostille is 2-3 days.

Here is what 2 to 3 days mean:

  • If your documents arrive by 10 am, it will take 2 days to process your documents + next-day return delivery.
  • If your documents arrive after 10 am, then it would take 3 days to apostille your documents + next day return delivery.

We also offer a same-day apostille service.

Same-day service assumes you can drop off and collect your documents on the same day at our London office.

If a mailing or courier service is utilised, the same day becomes a 24-hour service.

Can a replacement ACCA certificate be apostilled?

Yes, the official replacement ACCA certificates are issued as digital downloads, which means they are official copies that can be used to get an apostille. Replacement ACCA certificate goes through the same legalisation process as the original documents.

What is an ACCA transcript?

An ACCA transcript confirms the results from the examinations of students, affiliates, and members. Some authorities require that you submit your ACCA transcript for attestation, like overseas British Councils.

Does ACCA expire?

ACCA membership must be renewed every 10 years. Exams can expire after 7 years if courses are not completed. If you need an apostille, you must have a valid ACCA membership.

If your ACCA certificate already has an apostille, make sure that your certificate is still valid. The apostille does not have an expiry date, but if your document does expire, then the apostille also becomes invalid.

All types of ACCA qualifications can be apostilled

  • Certificate of Achievement
  • ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business
  • ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting
  • Strategic Professional Certificate
  • ACCA Certificate in Taxation
  • ACCA Certificate in Audit
  • And more

Embassy attestation of ACCA certificates

Attesting ACCA qualifications with embassies in London is straightforward and requires only a few steps depending on the requesting countries authority.

  • Certify or notarise the original ACCA certificate
  • The certified ACCA gets the apostille certificate
  • Attest the apostilled ACCA with required embassy
  • Some countries also require MoFA authentication

A reminder each country has different requirements for authenticating documents. Please enquire and let us know why countries embassy your ACCA document needs to be attested with. We will support you in getting your ACCA attested.

Do I have to come to your office?

You must only attend in person if a notary public must notarise your ACCA documents. Please let us know if you need notarisation.

Otherwise, it is not necessary to come to our office in person. Your documents can be sent by courier or by post. We recommend using a tracked service if you send your documents by post. We return your documents in the same way.

If it is more convenient for you to come in person, we would be happy to see you. Please let us know when you are coming.

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