A UK apostille certificate is a 15 cm by 15 cm sheet of paper permanently attached to the back of the document that requires legalisation. The apostille includes a box with 10 standard informational items. However, the look of the apostille may change based on the issuing country.

The apostille details the country of origin, the name of the notary or public official, and the role they are acting in.

The document is dated and signed by Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, and the seal of the FCDO is embossed on the apostille.

The apostille may be issued in English, French, or Spanish.

The Apostille Convention provides a Model Apostille Certificate that all treaty members must adhere to.

In other countries, a template may be stamped onto the document, and the information for the 10 standard items may be written by hand.

Other information can be included outside the apostille box, including a website URL so the apostille may be verified, a reminder that the apostille cannot be used in the country that issued it, and a reminder that the apostille only applies to the document it is affixed to.

What an UK apostille looks like