To get an apostille for documents that need to be legalised, you can submit documents by courier or post directly to the FCDO for processing, which typically takes approximately 20 days. The process can take longer than 20 days if there are problems with your documents.

The FCDO work with registered apostille service agencies (like us) to expedite the legalisation process. Registered agencies can attend the legalsiation office in person (If you are not a registered business, you can not attend in person, only post documents or apply online).

Apostille services can get an apostille for a document in 1 to 2 working days and in urgent cases, get the apostille the same day. These timeframes assume the document meets all apostille requirements and no other services, such as a notary public, are required.

Due to the increased demand, apostille agencies, like, provide apostille (and other) services to the general public.