The issue date appears on all apostille certificates, although they do not have an expiration date.

An apostille can be used any time following the date of issuance in most countries, but in some cases, a more recent apostille may be required.

For example, criminal record checks, bank statements and proof of address documents often need to be issued within the last 90 days, so if you already had an apostille on those documents, you would need to get a new apostille on the new documents, even though the existing apostille certificate is still valid on those documents.

There are many documents with limited validity. The requesting authority will usually advise if your documents must have been issued within a specific timeframe like 3,6, 12 months etc.

Always double-check with the country requesting your documents to find out how old documents can be before requesting an apostille.

You can check if your apostille certificate is still valid on the official UK government website