It is possible that one apostille can be used for multiple documents. Certain documents can be ‘bundled,’ and in those instances, one apostille would cover several documents. However, using one apostille for several documents is not always possible. Usually, one apostille certificate authenticates the signature of one notary or public official on a document.

Here are two examples: 

Example one: A birth certificate, marriage certificate, and a notarised copy of a driving license cannot be covered under the same apostille because each of these documents bears its own signature and seal from a public official or notary.

Example two: Several documents detailing a person’s education can be permanently bound together by a notary public. The notary public would then document the bundle’s contents on a cover page and place their endorsement on the cover page. This permanently bound and notarised bundle can have an apostille issued for it. This same concept can also be applied to business documents.

The examples provided are not exhaustive of all possible documents that can or cannot be bound together. Always check with the receiving authority to verify a bundle of documents is acceptable.