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We work with all involved government bodies, from the FCDO, Embassies, High Commissions, and Consulates in London.

Our expertise and know-how of the processes ensure fast turnaround of all orders.

We are familiar with embassy rules, requirements, and procedures, thus avoiding unnecessary delays and preventing application rejections.

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The three steps to get documents attested by an embassy in London

Step one:

We may need a notary or solicitor

The first step is to check if your document(s) need to be certified. If so, a statement and signature from the solicitor are attached to the document. Not all documents require a solicitor’s certification. 

Step two:

FCDO certificate

The second step is getting your document apostilled by the Legalisation Office from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). You need the FCDO apostille so that your documents can be accepted by embassies. 

Step three:

Embassy attestation

The final step is the embassy attestation. If you have your certified documents from both the solicitor and the FCDO, the embassy is ready to approve and authenticate your documents.

Not all countries require embassy attestation. Only countries that are NOT part of the Hague Convention require attestation.

Some non-Hague member countries require additional steps to be taken before they can accept your documents.

[Check embassy requirements]

NOTE: If you send us pre-certified documents, ensure your documents are prepared according to the embassy’s requirements – otherwise, documents might be rejected.

In general, orders are completed in about 5 to 7 working days.

Our service includes:

The service includes checking your documents, visiting solicitors or notaries if required, processing documents with the Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) and submitting orders to the embassies.

And some countries require documents to be legalised by the Arab Chamber of Commerce (ABCC).

The most common documents we attest with embassies are:

Personal documents

  • Certificates (birth, death etc)
  • HMRC letters
  • Police letters
  • No impediment certificates
  • Court documents

Business documents

  • Incorporation certificate
  • Company letters
  • Minutes & resolutions
  • Financial documents
  • Non-disclosure agreement

Educational documents

  • Degree, masters, diploma
  • Professional qualifications
  • Training certificates
  • School letters
  • GCSE, CSE, O Level

Popular Embassies.

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Popular Embassies.

Saudi Embassy Attestation
UAE Embassy Attestation
Egypt Embassy Attestation
China Embassy Attestation
Vietnam Embassy Attestation
South Korea Attestation
Qatar Embassy Attestation
Kuwait Embassy Attestation
Jordan Embassy Attestation
Lebanon Embassy Attestation
Thailand Embassy Attestation
Jordan Embassy Attestation
Egypt Embassy Attestation


Embassy document attestation is the process of getting the embassy to affirm that your business or personal documents are valid and genuine.

For example, for an educational certificate issued in the United Kingdom to be admissible in a country that is a member of the Hague Convention, a solicitor will first certify the document with their signature. Then, the FCDO will legalise the document with an apostille.

Then, the embassy attests (confirms the validity or truth of a statement) to make the document valid for use in their country.

An attestation process requires the submission of documents. The documents to be submitted are mostly original versions, and they must be valid. Additionally, a declaration form and a passport would be required.
The purpose of embassy attestation is for the relevant embassy to certify a document as authentic. For example, before you move to another country for work, an employer may require that you provide certification to prove your documents are genuine.

Legalising a document through embassy attestation involves steps you must complete in the correct order. Some embassies have additional steps and rules that need to be completed to finalise the attestation.

If you are not familiar with the whole process, it can get confusing, like who to contact first (solicitor, notary, FCDO, the embassy?), where to send your documents, the different fees, how to pay them, etc.

There is also the consideration of finding the different service providers for each step, or should you get an experienced agent involved who handles all the processes?

Using an agency might cost a little extra but will save you a lot of hassle, time and money, especially if your documents get rejected by the FCDO or embassy because of missed details or other issues.

You also need to factor in sending and returning documents securely to and from the FCDO and embassies. Due to Covid-19, most embassies in London still do not accept applications in person and will only deal with registered agents.

Agencies like ours offer secure handling of your documents as we use our registered, experienced staff who attend in person at the FCDO and embassy. Plus, your documents are fully insured if you choose a private courier service like DHL.

Yes, you can get documents attested yourself. Doing it yourself requires knowing each government body’s proper process and requirements.

You have to find and pay for the solicitor’s fees. You need to pay the postage fees and the FCDO fees (or go and queue in person in London or Milton Keynes). You need to ensure your documents are shipped back securely (or collected by you in person). Make the appointment with the embassy and follow all their instructions, post the documents (or go in person), pay the fees and collect your documents from the embassy.

Or, you could avoid the back and forth by choosing an agency to handle the attestation procedures. As a registered agency, our services are geared towards easing the process for you. Allow our team to take care of the procedures — saving you time, effort, money, and you get your documents attested – guaranteed

British embassies and consulates do not certify documents. Local notaries and solicitors can provide the certification instead.

Legalisation Office
Telephone: 03700 00 22 44
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

UK General Register Office
Telephone: 0300 123 1837
Textphone: 18001 0300 123 1837
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 9am to 4pm

Arab Chamber of Commerce (ABCC)
Address: 43 Upper Grosvenor St, London W1K 2NJ
Phone: 020 7235 4363
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

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