We often receive requests from clients for the official replacement of documents. We can assist in obtaining a replacement document such as a birth certificate or any other UK documents you may have misplaced.

Additionally, we can easily and quickly provide a replacement certificate and an apostille service for your documents.

Our team directly orders replacements from the GRO or General Register Office. [1]

Replacement birth certificate service options:

  • A two-day working service and
  • A fifteen-day work service.

Reasons why you may require a replacement document

You may require our replacement services for the following reasons:

Replacement certificate services UK

For our apostille certificate and replacement document service, please contact us.

Check out our website for the number of copies per application, times for processing, costs, and terms and conditions for replacement documents. Do this before putting forward your application.

You can also use this service to research your family tree other than for official purposes only.

Document Replacement Service
Document Replacement Service

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Registering with the UK General Register Office

The GRO holds records of death, birth, marriage, stillbirths, civil partnerships, and adoptions in England and Wales.

You will have to register with this office on their website to get a replacement copy for your death, marriage, birth, or civil partnership certificate in the UK.

Our team of experienced experts and researchers specializes in providing replacement certificates for our clients in England, Scotland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and any events registered in the UK and occurred overseas.

How much does it cost?

Our Standard Services in the UK, e.g., death certificates, cost approximately £40.

Here’s what you need

Before you start the process, please note the following:

  • In some cases, we may not be able to replace your documents
  • In one year, schools/colleges may use various awarding bodies. Therefore, different awarding bodies may be responsible for retaining some or all your results.
  • For most of our qualifications, we need one application per qualification.
  • We are unable to get rid of subjects from a certificate that has been awarded.

What next?

When you are done with the application, an automated email requesting proof of identity to confirm your application will be prompted.

Therefore, before beginning the application, it is advisable to have electronic copies of the documents in the list below. Note that your application may face delays if these documents are not provided.

Documents you should provide:

  • Two different forms of ID ( Only one is needed to process your request)
  • Proof to support a change of name – If you have changed your name since the previous certificates were issued.
  • Third-party consent form – if you are not the bill payer or the candidate. And if the delivery address is a third party.

The forms of ID accepted include:

  • A current driving license or provisional license
  • A valid passport
  • A birth certificate
  • Utility bills or Letters from hospitals, council tax, or doctors issued within the past three months (Mobile phone bills are not acceptable).
  • Marriage certificate, Decree absolute, or Deed poll.

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[1] General Register Office

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